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 ficus A highly developed horticultural art form first originated in China thousands of years ago.

Japan, in about the 12th century, adopted the art form among the elite class.

Shown at the left is a Ficus microcarpa. This Bonsai has small shiny dark green leaves and the bark has a beautiful stripe. This little tree is 7 years old and 10 to 12 inches high.

Bonsai history is as interesting as the bonsai art is. Read some history and tips below.

Chinese Elm

 chinese elm The Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) pictured at the left is 6 to 8 inches high and 3 years of age. The Chinese Elm does best in semi-shade. It has developed nice twigs and has very small leaves.

Although the original Chinese form of Bonsai created gnarled trunks reminiscent of fire breathing dragons the Japanese form creates more in the Eastern philosphy of the harmony of man, soul and nature.

Cultural and Horticultural Art Open To The World

Bonsai dwarf jadeIn the mid 1800's, after a couple of hundred years of global isolation, Japan reopened to the rest of the world. Travelers discovered the fascinating art and spread the knowledge of the attractive little trees to the rest of the world. It is a valuable addition to any decor.

Dwarf Jade (Portulacaria Afra) shown at the left is slow growing. It is 6 to 8 inches tall and 2 years of age.

Bring Luck With Lucky Bamboo, Give Luck to a Friend.

 bonsai lucky bambooA gift of good fortune, in the form of living Bamboo, was the custom in Oriental culture. You may pass good fortune on to your friends by breaking a stem from your living Bamboo and rooting it in water and replanting it to give as a gift. Shopping for the best at TomsVariety

Bonsai is a Lasting Cultural and Horticultural Art Form

Bonsai, as a cultural and horticultural art form has been around for many thousands of years and is very likely to be around for thousands of years more. You can start your own bonsai or purchase one already started and learn the art as you patiently and tenderly take care of your little tree and find relaxation that you may have forgotten existed.

Several More Pictures of Well Developed Bonsai Trees

Chinese Elm
Another Chinese Elm
Dwarf Brush Cherry
Green Mound Juniper
Dwarf Ficus

Here Are Some Very Interesting Links to History and Facts.

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Bonsai, the art of forming little trees.
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