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Dedicated golfers and the wait

It's February as I'm writing this and in the northern hemisphere after a pretty rough winter lots of greens are still white, sand traps are still snow traps and ponds are frozen over.

The weather is starting to warm up and the dedicated golfers are pacing the floor, chomping at the bit and some that I know might even be frothing at the mouth. Waiting for the field of fun, frustration, relaxation and place of language not deemed as acceptable in other fine circles, to open up in the spring is a good time for the more winter time sedentary among us to get into good shape for the exercise and strain to winter flabbed muscles.

Golf is excellent exercise

Golf is excellent exercise, but you don't use your golfing muscles much in the winter. There aren't even any flies to swat to keep a few golfing swing muscles in shape, so it's pretty easy to throw a back out of kilter first thing in the spring.

It's no fun to walk around in the follow through position until you can get to a Chiropractor to get you back into upright homo sapien position.

Practice swing at the imaginary golf ball

Stretching exercises are good to get all muscles awakened and ready for firming up. After you do some stretching exercises take some easy swings at that friendly little imaginary golf ball sitting there looking up at you like a dimpled little smiley face.

Don't forget to holler "FORE"

Don't go for the hole in one quite yet. Take a few days of easy swings and stretching before you relentlessly smack that imaginary golf ball. You're pretty darn sure of getting a hole in one under the present circumstances, so be sure to bellow out a healthy FORE to let the imaginary people just leaving the next green know that your ball is on it's way.

One thing you should remember though is that your spouse isn't imaginary and if they're close by when you let out a bellow without warning you might get anything from a glare to a smack with a broom for startling them.

Take your practice outside with a golf club

After you wake up your swinging muscles, golf swinging that is, in the warmth of your living room grab a golf club for some weight and go outside and practice your swing while you're getting your exercise. After each swing be sure to gaze off into the distance as if the ball is headed for a hole in one, then watch any neighbors that might be around to see if they're watching your imaginary ball too.

Check your golf clubs, balls and golf shoes

Now that you've got your muscles accustomed to a good golf swing it might be a good time to inventory and see if you might need some new golf clubs or balls. The old golf shoes may feel well broken in and comfortable, but your feet may be less tired after 19 holes if you had some new golf shoes.

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