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Ice Cream Makers and Supplies

Surprise your friends by serving them a flower pot of homemade ice cream. Use small flower pots about three inch or so. It's best to buy new pots that you only use for this purpose.

Line the pot with waxed paper or two or three layers of plastic wrap. Fill almost to the top with ice cream, then grate chocolate over the ice cream to represent nice rich potting soil, then poke an edible flower in the middle.

You can find a list of edible flowers at Whats Cooking America

Soft Ice Cream Denali 5530 Soft Ice Cream Maker

* Soft serve spout for easy serving
* Makes ice cream in 10-20 minutes
* Makes 8-10 cones at a time
* No salt or ice needed
* Sturdy base with room for large sundae bowls
* Disassembles for easy cleaning

Now you can enjoy a smooth, satisfying dish of soft ice cream any time you'd like it, or at least within a few minutes.

No mess or fuss, just add the ingredients and let the ice cream maker do the work.

You can quickly load up a bowl or ice cream cone made with your own soft ice cream maker, then leisurely enjoy the result.

We have lots of ice cream recipes you can download or you can make up your own recipes.

Electric ice cream maker Electric White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

* 4-quart hand-crank wood bucket ice cream maker made in USA
* Patented dasher makes up to 4 quarts in 30 minutes
* 12,000-rpm commercial-grade universal motor
* Pine freezer tub is bound by strong, galvanized hoops

This is just like the old fashioned ice cream makers except the electric motor takes care of the elbow grease and you can sit back with a tall cool lemonade or iced tea while you watch the ice cream maker do all the work.

This method works especially well if you don't have any kids to convince that turning the crank makes the ice cream taste better.
Crank ice cream maker White Mountain Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer

* 6-quart hand-crank wood bucket ice cream maker made in USA
* Patented triple-motion action dasher system
* Heavy-duty hand crank guaranteed to last
* Pine freezer tub is bound by strong, galvanized hoops

Here is the granddaddy of ice cream freezers. The basic design for hand crank ice cream makers was invented by a lady named Nancy Johnson in 1846.

This is the one that you convince the kids that the ice cream tastes better to anyone that turns the crank for a while. You know what? Having had turns turning the crank since sometime in the early 1940's I really do think that's true.

You can read more about the history of the ice cream freezer at homemade-dessert-recipes. You can find lots of recipes there too.
More Ice Cream Makers to choose from, economical and fun.

Your ice cream maker will pay for itself in no time with the savings over commercial ice cream and there is no comparison between home made ice cream and commercial ice cream, which can be a lot of frozen air mixed with the ice cream ingredients, some with waxy consistency and other commercial faults, such as artificial flavors and artificial colors and preservatives.

Your home made ice cream comes out yummy every time, nothing artificial and it's best preserved in your tummy.
Waffle cone maker Pizzelle - Waffle Cone Maker

Different styles and sizes to choose from, for example:
* 2-section Italian pizzelle maker
* Non-stick interior cooking grids, traditional fiori pattern
* 3.5H x 13.25W x 10.25D inches
* Stands upright for easy storage
* Makes 2 5-inch pizzelles at once
* Steam guard for safety
* Easy to clean

Have you ever walked into a commercial ice cream store when they're making waffle cones? Ahhhh, that aroma. Why do you suppose some perfume company hasn't made a 'waffle cone baking' perfume scent? The ladies would have men flocking to them from far and wide.

You can make your own waffle cones and have that smell in your home then have the pleasure of eating your own home made waffle cones.

The history of the waffle cone, or any ice cream cone, is interesting. There are stories about a vendor selling a wafer cookie called a zalabis at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, who rolled one into a cone for a neighor ice cream vendor. Another person was granted a patent for the same kind of cone a year earlier.

Pizzelles are very common in Italy and have been around since Hector was a pup, actually long before Hector even came into being, since that expression came about around the turn of the last century. Wikipedia says that pizzelles are common around Christmas and Easter. Pizzelles will cool to a flat crisp type of cookie or you can form them into a cone for waffle cones.

Form the cones very quickly and carefully, because when they're hot they can burn your fingers and when they cool they lose their suppleness and will break rather than forming a cone.

Types of homemade ice cream and frozen deserts.

How ice cream freezers work.

You can see a copy of Thomas Jefferson's Ice Cream Recipe, In his own handwriting, which he brought back from France in the 1780's. You can find out more about Thomas Jefferson, besides his homemade ice cream recipe at

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