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Frozen Deserts and Homemade Ice Cream

Delicious, satisfying frozen desert and homemade ice cream have been with us much longer than store bought frozen goodies have. It was a cool comfort to go to the ice house in the middle of july to get some of the dwindling supply of ice to have a delicious frozen desert.

Frozen deserts, ices and ice cream fall into the following general categories.

Plain ice cream

Plain ice cream - consists of a custard base, thin cream and flavoring.

Philadelphia ice cream

Philadelphia ice cream - is made of sweetened, flavored and frozen thin cream.


Mousse - beat heavy cream until stiff, then flavor and sweeten. The mixture is then put in a mould and packed in two parts crushed ice to one part salt and allowed to sit for three hours.

Water ice

Water ice - sweetened and frozen fruit juice, sometimes the fruit juice is diluted.


Sherbet - water ice that has beaten egg whites or a little dissolved gelatine added. Milk is used instead of water for milk sherbets


Frappe - water ice frozen to the consistency of mush. Equal parts of ice and salt are used to make the consistency granular.


sorbet - water ice flavored with several kinds of fruit


punch - a water ice that has spiced fruit, juice or other flavoring added.


bombe - two or more frozen mixtures in layers in a covered mold.

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