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- Variety Is Our Name -

Just like the old five and dime stores, we've got a variety of things that can make life a lot easier, more enjoyable, skinnier, fatter or some where in between.

We've got ice cream makers and yogurt makers and the waffle cone makers.

We'll throw in some ice cream recipes free to sweeten things.

Enjoy a cone while you relax in your hammock or lounge chair patio furniture.

You can fire up the barbecue and celebrate the hole in one you got with the golf equipment, golf shoes and personalized golf balls you got from our site.

We can't mention it all here because it would take up the whole page, so take a look at the whole site and enjoy yourself.

If you're interested in furniture refinishing, picture framing or wicker, plus a lot more, you might visit our other site, RefinishFurniture.


Bonsai is a highly developed horticultural art form first originated in China thousands of years ago.

Japan, in about the 12th century, adopted the art form among the elite class.

There are different methods and styles of the beautiful miniature trees.

Ice Cream

We have a delicious ice cream section with lots of ice cream makers, both hard and soft. Have you ever made your own waffle cones? We have waffle cone makers, more properly called a Pizzelle Maker. We've mixed some recipes in too. Home made ice cream isn't an indulgence when you make it with low fat or non-fat ingredients, just scrumptious stuff.

Outdoor Furniture and Equipment

Live the leisure life outdoors on the patio or deck. Outdoor furniture galore from tables and chairs to hammocks. Swing to and fro and watch the clouds roll by. Check the time on your sundial so you can tell when it's time to start the barbecue.

Outdoor Furniture


Flowers are always an excellent Gift for any occasion. Flowers will cheer up a sick person and flowers will always put a bigger smile on a happy ladies face. A single rose or a bouquet of flowers will say a lot.

Furniture Refinishing

Furniture Refinishing Lots of free tips and information on refinishing furniture, from cleaning through stripping furniture. Sanding, staining and finishing furniture. Unfinished furniture finishing is covered too, as well as Wicker Furniture, Patio Furniture and Kitchen cabinets, refinishing, repainting and refacing.


A golfers delight. Golf equipment, certified preowned and new. Personalize your golf balls and other golf items. Lots of golf clubs to choose from. Take a look at some of the most comfy golf shoes you can find. If it has to do with golf, you'll find it here.

Save up to 80%

Save 40-80% off retail at!. This is a good one, I've bought from them and some of the prices are really fantastic.

You can find all sorts of items, jewelery, home and garden, electronics and more. If you're looking for it, they could very well have it at a substantial savings.


Computer Parts, computer accessories, new and used. Lots of big discounts.


Do you have some computer parts for which you'd like jumper or other information? find it's FCC ID number and use this link.

If you're an old computer buff and you have lots of old pieces laying around you'd like to use or sell on eBay you know that in the days of yore the manufacturers liked to keep it a secret that they made the sound card, modem, video card and so on, not giving any indication of their names. Now you can outfox them and use the FCC number, required by law, on all computer stuff to find the manufacturer and hopefully some information about your part.

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