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Kelley (Kelly) Blue Book

kelley blue book

Why Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book)?

Although the actual name is Kelley Blue Book, many people refer to it as Kelly Blue Book, so we have refered to it in both actual and common use names.

Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book) Beginning

The Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book) value determining book for cars, trucks and motorcycles began in 1914, when 17 year old Les Kelley sold a car that he had kept in good condition, then bought, traded and sold others that he had reconditioned. This led to setting up a used car lot in Los Angeles in 1918.

Own Your Own Copy of The Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book)

If you're going to buy a newer used car or trade a used car in it's definitely worth it to invest less than half the cost of a yummy pizza in The Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book). You may save several times the cost of the Blue Book by knowing the used car value of the car you're trading in or the value of the car you want to buy. It can leave you some good dickering room.

Forerunner of the Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book)

Les Kelley needed more stock for his used car business so in the early 20's he made a list of what he wanted and what he would pay for them. His lists were always accurate and other dealers and bankers began using the used car value list in their own businesses.

The Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book) is Born

Kelley published his first Blue Book of Motor Car Values in 1926. Kelley named the first Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book) "Blue Book" after the "Blue Book" social register, since it was regarded as the upper class of automotive value determination. You could find values for thousands of cars. If you have a copy of the 1926 Blue Book of Motor Car Values you can easily find the value of your Hupmobile in 1926.

World War II, Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book) Determine Car Prices

A severe shortage of cars during World War caused the government to put a ceiling on prices and they used the Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book) to set the ceiling.

Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book), From Trade To Consumer

By 1962 the Kelley's were totally devoted to the Kelley Blue Book (Kelly Blue Book) which was a trade publication until 1993, when they decided to make it a consumer publication and they have added many useful inovations to an already very useful little book.

From the Publisher
The "Blue Book" price is so widely accepted as the standard it is practically the manufacturer's suggested retail price of used cars. Updated and published twice a year, this comprehensive listing of values for cars and trucks built in the last 15 years includes ranges of worth depending on condition; easy-to-use valuations for extras and optional equipment; and a table of acceptable mileage. It also includes each car's original list price and other details and has a section explaining what constitutes "good condition." It covers approximately 10,000 models of cars, trucks, and vans. "Essential for buyers and sellers alike." - New York Daily News; "The definitive pricing source for used cars." - Motor Trend.

Kelley Blue Book
Kelly Blue Book.
The Blue Book Value is the ultimate used car price guide.